Bangladesh celebrated its Founding Anniversary

Bangladesh celebrated its Founding Anniversary
in Istanbul.

Ahmet Coskunaydin

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh celebrated
its independence anniversary at the Shangri La
Hotel in Istanbul. Local dishes were served and
folk dance performances were presented at the
celebration, which was attended by many
distinguished guests.
Mohammed Nore Alam, Consul General of the
People’s Republic of Bangladesh in Istanbul,
H.E. Architect Yeafesh Osman, Hon’ble
Minister for Science & Technology of
Ambassador Ayşe Sözen Usluer
Deputy Governor of Istanbul Ms Ozlem
Bozkurt Gevrek

Distinguished Consul Generals and the
members of Consular Corps
Esteemed Turkish Dignitaries, Friends and
Ladies & Gentlemen
Good evening. Shuvo Shondhya. Hosh

I warmly welcome you all to our celebration
of the 53 rd Independence and National Day
of Bangladesh. On this auspicious day, I
recall with profound respect the greatest
Bangalee of all times, the Father of the
Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur
Rahman. Under his firm and far-sighted
leadership our people fought for their rights

and freedom, and after a nine-month long
War in 1971, Bangladesh emerged as an
independent and sovereign country on the
global stage. I also pay our deepest tribute
to three million martyrs who made supreme
sacrifice for our just struggle for
Distinguished Guests,
Bangabandhu dreamt of a ‘Sonar Bangla’
means Golden Bengal – a secular and
prosperous country free from hunger,
poverty and all kinds of exploitation and
discrimination. Under the leadership of
Bangabandhu’s able daughter Prime
Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh is now
marching ahead towards fulfilling his

dream. From a war-ravaged, impoverished
nation in 1971, Bangladesh has now
become one of the five-fastest growing
economies in the world. Through our
inclusive and integrated development
strategies, and people’s welfare centric and
forward-looking policies, we have been able
to achieve rapid sustained economic
growth, robust infrastructural development,
resilient social transformation, and self-
reliance. We are very much on track to
transform into a technology and
knowledge-based developed country by
2041, and to build a prosperous and
climate-resilient delta by 2100.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Bangabandhu’s foreign policy dictum
‘Friendship to all, malice towards none’-
resonates with Turkish great leader Mustafa
Kemal Atatürk’s maxim- "Peace at home,
peace in the world". Bangladesh has always
been an ardent supporter of peaceful
coexistence, non-interference in the internal
affairs of other states, and maintenance of
global peace and security. We always strive
for upholding human rights and rule of law,
maintaining racial, social, and religious
harmony, and creating equal opportunities
for all to build an inclusive society. With this
spirit for humanity, Bangladesh has been
hosting 1.1 million Rohingya Muslims who
were forcibly displaced from their

homeland in Myanmar in 2017. We need
enhanced support from international
community for safe and dignified return of
the Rohingyas to their homeland. We are
grateful to Turkish Government and people
for their forthcoming role in extending
solidarity and support for Rohingya
refugees in Bangladesh.
Distinguished Guests,
Bangladesh and Türkiye enjoy excellent
bilateral relations, built on common faith,
shared values, and cultural affinity. The
historic ties between our two peoples date
back to even before emergence of the two
states as sovereign nations. The people of
Bengal stood by the Turkish people with

shared sense of unity and solidarity during
the Turkish War of Independence. Our
Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh
Mujibur Rahman himself was greatly
inspired by the bravery and chivalry of
Turkish great leader Mustafa Kemal
Atatürk. Our national poet Kazi Nazrul
Islam wrote a poem ‘Kemal Pasha’ in 1921
praising the valour and heroism of Mustafa
Kemal Atatürk. Our long-standing relations
have grown from strength to strength over
the years, encompassing multiple areas of
cooperation. On many global issues, we are
on the same page and support each other.
Many Turkish companies including Archelic

and Aygaz have operations in Bangladesh,
contributing to both our economies.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Your gracious presence at our celebration is
reflection of the genuine love and feelings
you hold for the people of Bangladesh. We
are humbled and honoured by your
I thank you all. Dhonnobad.
Cok Tesekkur ederim
Long live Bangladesh-Turkiye friendship
Joy Bangla.