From the Indonesian Consulate General in Istanbul Helping hand

(Ahmet Coşkunaydın)-

Aid continues to pour in for the earthquake, one of the most brutal disasters in our history. This time, the earthquake survivors reached out to Indonesia, a friendly and brotherly Muslim people.
Elizabeth Diana Ewi, one of the officials of Indonesia’s Consulate General in Istanbul, stated in her announcement that all Indonesian people, especially the consulate general officials, conveyed their most pressing wishes for recovery, expressed their condolences to the entire Turkish nation and sincerely shared our pain.
In this sense, the employees of the Indonesian Consulate General in Istanbul, including Indonesians living in Istanbul and consular officers, conveyed the cash and in-kind aid they collected to the Red Crescent.
Indonesia’s Consulate General in Istanbul officials also stated that they are ready for all kinds of assistance and cooperation to the Red Crescent and Afad.
Indonesian authorities also underlined that they will continue to carry out all kinds of aid activities.
The amount of aid that only Indonesian Consulate General officials collected among themselves in the first step was 324 thousand TL and 50 thousand dollars. The Indonesian Rupee of this was determined as 1 billion 21 million 410 thousand rupees.

Next to it is the Indonesian Consulate General. He also held a meeting titled “Indonesia Next to Turkey” and exchanged information with the authorities.