Wind blew through Istanbul

Shahriar Kabir-Wind blew through Istanbul Ahmet Coşkunaydın The great writer, journalist, and filmmaker Shahriar Kabir, from the brotherly people of Bangladesh, presented his documentary in Istanbul. Shahriyar Kabir, who has made countless documentaries to date, has written more than 140 books. The special screening of Kabir’s documentary ‘Hakan’s Journey to Peace’ took place in Istanbul at the Misir Apartment on Istiklal Street and attracted great attention. The documentary evaluated the relations between the two brotherly countries dating back centuries and the philosophies of Mevlana Rumi and his student Shah Jalal. Shahriar Kabir is a renowned Bangladeshi journalist, filmmaker, human rights activist, and author. His books focus on human rights, communism, history, and Bangladesh’s independence war. In 1995 he was awarded the Bangla Academy Literary Award, the most prestigious literary award in Bangladesh. He is the President of the Forum for Secular Bangladesh. Shahriar Kabir has produced and directed many famous documentaries. Hakan’s Journey to Peace, the sequel to his previous documentary Mithat’s Dream, showcases the legacy of Sufi poet Celaleddin Rumi and the influence of Sufism in South Asia and introduces Sufism. The documentary tells the life and philosophy of young Turkish writer and musician Hakan Mengüç, whom Mevlana profoundly influenced. Speakers from Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and many other countries express their views on why and how Sufism can fight terrorism in the name of Islam. After the presentation and conference made by Shahriar Kabir, the President of Istanbul High Commerce Foundation, Mr. Yusuf Süleyman Karadağ, and the manager Arife Çelik presented souvenirs to Mr. Kabir. Thus, the world-famous Bangladeshi writer and filmmaker left our country, leaving behind a wind of art.